504 SOAP

Pure. Simple. Soap.
Her thoughts: “man, look at him looking all stoic and shit. Looks deep in thought. I wonder what kinda magic is going on in there?” My thoughts: “Ha, that’s neat, the lacing is still there. Calling beer “thick” sounds gross. I wonder if they designed the glass that way so it blends with the lacing. Wait, that’s a Parish glass. Ghost probably does the same thing. I wonder if they share recipes. I can’t imagine why they would. Shit. Left my phone outside. It’s my last one so I should probably take a picture of it. Engh...” #magic
I told myself I wasn’t going to do another post until it was about #soap, so dual post: I’m probably going to make soap tomorrow. Today, however, I last second stopped by @gnarlybarley and these dudes are canning a fresh batch of #jucifer. #GETINTOMYCOOLER
4.5 billion years ago, Theia collided with Earth and created our Moon, tilted our planet, and spun us to a 5 hour day. 800 million years after Earth’s formation, a 200 million year comet storm gave Earth its water.  Moon pulled our tides, slowed our spin, and water exists in all 3 states due to our distance from our Sun. ~4 billion years later, I took this picture. #collisionhypothesis
Although they don’t want my kind here, they have #Pliny on tap. #idhashtagthembutimstillhere
#Keezer double #collar, 2.5” insulation. Inner collar mitered part is square with freezer compartment so no glue needed to secure to freezer. #ithink
“Here ya go, love. 63 pages of fun filled painting with 16 different colors you can use that’ll definitely keep you occupied for the next hour or so.” 10 minutes later: 🤦🏻‍♂️
30 minutes until my uncle starts figuring out how he should apologize to his neighbors. #noonewasmoresurprisedthanI
You were a delicious sip, but your glass was weak af. #amomentofsilence
Making #soap, watching @saints and drinking dis. #goodday
Took a sniff and thought, "hunh, interesting." Few sips in realized I made a mistake. Take a bag of popcorn and microwave it til clearly burnt. Open the bag and scoop in a hefty portion of the shittiest peanut butter you can find. Enjoy. #ptui
Um, yeah I want some fkn tacos
"We have nothing on the menu, but we have cold beer."
La Isla Del Encanto
I wish this beer had a hand; I'd high five it. #otherhalfbrewing
#otherhalfbrewing VicSecret and Mosaic Imperial IPA. #brooklyn
I get it, it's late, but hear me out. @otherhalfnyc Triple Cream TDH Imperial IPA is easily top 5 beer I've ever had. #nyc
What walking back to the hotel feels like after eating a few pounds of pizza from @vezzothincrust #fooddrunk
I feel ok about posting a food pic. I feel ok about eating wings, and a burger, in public with a beard. I feel ok about needing more Korean friends. #koreanbbq #nyc
I'm only here for the #seanpatton
The look of horror when your kid comes into the brewery and asks, "what smells so good?", and sees this. #whatintarnation
Poured from the roof. #partandparcel
Starter done. Keeping a #starter on for more than 18 hours is silly; my @voidcellars stash is not.
Best in the game at giving high fives, and can do a perfect cannonball. Thank you for choosing me. #happybirthday
Folding up the seat and having 3/4 the back seat area to stand/sit/lay wasn't good enough. #neededapillow